2010 Super Bowl Odds with sexy Amanda Mertz


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Online Sportsbook BetUs.com has updated their NFL team Odds to win the 2009-2010 Super Bowl. Taking a look at the odds below it is hard to ignore the SD Chargers at +700 odds. That means a $100 bet on the Chargers to win the Super Bowl would pay out $700! Some other “friends” of ours will be happy to bet $1,000 in hopes of seeing a $7,000 return!

Some other great ROI options include the Eagles +1200Vikings +650 and the Packers +2000

Odds To Win 2010 Super Bowl:

(payouts based on a $100 bet)

Pittsburgh Steelers +12500

New England Patriots +1100

Dallas Cowboys +4000

New York Giants +6500

Indianapolis Colts +300

San Diego Chargers +700

Baltimore Ravens +4000

Philadelphia Eagles +1200

New Orleans Saints +250

Minnesota Vikings +650

Tennessee Titans +15000

Atlanta Falcons +40000

Green Bay Packers +2000

Denver Broncos +5000

Jacksonville Jaguars +15000

Arizona Cardinals +1400

New York Jets +10000

Miami Dolphins +8000

Houston Texans +25000

San Francisco 49ers +40000

Cincinnati Bengals +2000


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